Warner Bros. (2002)
Action, Drama
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IMDB   7.5
988 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Tom Welling Clark Kent
Michael Rosenbaum Lex Luthor
Kristin Kreuk Lana Lang
Allison Mack Chloe Sullivan
Annette O'Toole Martha Kent
John Glover Lionel Luthor
John Schneider Jonathan Kent
Sam Jones III Pete Ross
Erica Durance Lois Lane
Sam Jones Pete Ross
Eric Johnson Whitney Fordman
James Frawley
Greg Beeman
Producer Greg Beeman
Alfred Gough
Writer Joe Shuster
Jerry Siegel

Smallville revolves around Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and his burgeoning career at the Daily Planet alongside his future love, Lois Lane (Erica Durance). He's supported by his friends, Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) and Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) (Justin Hartley) as they deal with Lex Luthor's replacement, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman), who initially unleashed a new world of danger in alliance with Major Zod (Callum Blue), a survivor of the doomed planet of Krypton, but has since become a sometimes ally of Clark's.
 60 mins    9/24/2002  1.  Vortex
Clark rescues Lana from the storm, but discovers that the spaceship is released, while Jonathan is buried alive with the unscrupulous reporter who discovered Clark's secret. Meanwhile, Lex is wracked with guilt over his critically injured father.
Director:  Greg Beeman  / Alfred Gough  Writer:  Philip Levens 
Guest starring:  Jerry Wasserman, Tom O'Brien, Rekha Sharma, Julian Christopher, Mitchell Kosterman
 60 mins    10/1/2002  2.  Heat
Clark gains a new power - heat-vision. As he struggles to control it, Lex gets married to the new Smallville High teacher, Desiree Atkins, little does he know that she not only has an alterior motive, but that she's coming on to Clark too.
Director:  James Marshall  Writer:  Mark Verheiden 
Guest starring:  Krista Allen, Mitchell Kosterman, Shawn Reis
 60 mins    10/8/2002  3.  Duplicity
Pete finds Clark's spaceship, forcing Clark to reveal his secret to his best friend. Dr. Hamilton is plagued by kryptonite-fueled illness and focuses on Pete. Meanwhile, Lana has to deal with Nell and her plans to remarry while Lex and Lionel adjust to life together.
Director:  Steve Miner  Writer:  Darren Swimmer  / Todd Slavkin 
Guest starring:  Joe Morton, Sarah Jane Redmond, Michael Kopsa, Cam Cronin, Andrew Jackson
 60 mins    10/15/2002  4.  Red
Clark has his first run-in with red kryptonite in this exploration of classic Superman mythology, turning immoral when he gets his high-school ring holding a piece of rock. Meanwhile, Lex and his father have some issues to resolve when Lionel starts taking over the manor.
Director:  Jeff Woolnough  Writer:  Jeph Loeb 
Guest starring:  Sara Downing, Jake Moyer, Geoff Clements, Brad Loree, Michael Tomlinson, Daryl Shuttleworth, Garwin Sanford
 60 mins    10/22/2002  5.  Nocturne
Lana has a new stalker - a boy imprisoned in his basement by his parents who sneaks out at night to visit her. Meanwhile Lionel hires Clark's mother as his personal assistant.
Director:  Rick Wallace  Writer:  Kelly Souders  / Brian Peterson 
Guest starring:  Sean Faris, Mitchell Kosterman, Jonathan Sutton, Richard Moll, Gwynyth Walsh
 60 mins    10/29/2002  6.  Redux
Martha's father William comes to town after many years of estrangement due do his disapproval of Jonathan. Meanwhile Clark must deal with a series of old-age deaths at Smallville High, and the new principal puts his foot down.
Director:  Chris Long  Writer:  Russel Friend 
Guest starring:  Richard Gant, Sarah Jane Redmond,  George Coe, Maggie Lawson, Neil Grayston,  Fulvio CecereJesse Hutch
 60 mins    11/5/2002  7.  Lineage
A strange woman shows up claiming to be Clark's biological mother...and that his father is Lionel. Meanwhile Lana decides to meet with the man who is her biological father.
Director:  Kenneth Biller  Writer:  Alfred Gough  / Miles Millar 
Guest starring:  Shelly Schiavoni, Patrick Cassidy, Mitchell Kosterman,  Blair Brown, Malkolm Alburquenque, Matthew Munn,  Angela Moore
 60 mins    11/12/2002  8.  Ryan
Ryan (from "Stray") returns and Clark has to save him from Dr. Garner of the Summerholt Research Facility. Meanwhile, Aunt Nell leaves Smallville, and Lex wants to expand the plant but runs afoul of the mayor.
Director:  Terrence O'Hara  Writer:  Philip Levens 
Guest starring:  Catherine Lough Haggquist, Mitchell Kosterman, Sarah Jane Redmond, Ryan Kelley, Sylvesta Stuart, Michael St. John Smith, Mark Gibbon, Martin Cummins, Robert Seckler, William B. Davis
 60 mins    11/19/2002  9.  Dichotic
A Smallville student, Ian, displays the ability to make clones of himself and uses his power to date both Choe and Lana. Meanwhile Lex goes to anger management class and meets an attractive local doctor.
Director:  Craig Zisk  Writer:  Mark Verheiden 
Guest starring:  Jonathan Taylor Thomas,  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Robert Wisden, David Richmond-Peck, Serge Houde
 60 mins    11/26/2002  10.  Skinwalker
Clark becomes involved with a Native American woman, Kyla, and becopmes aware of ancient Indian prophecy that warns of a man of great powers who fell from the sky. Worse, a wolflike creature is attacking the local Lexcorp construction project, and Martha and Lionel may be the next victims.
Director:  Marita Grabiak  / Mark Warshaw  Writer:  Kelly Souders  / Brian Peterson 
Guest starring:  Michael Tiernan, Patrick Cassidy, Mitchell Kosterman, Tamara Feldman, Rob Morton,  Gordon Tootoosis
 60 mins    1/14/2003  11.  Visage
Whitney returns to Smallville, eager to start back up where he left off with Lana. But everything isn't what it seems...
Director:  Bill Gereghty  Writer:  Darren Swimmer  / Todd Slavkin 
Guest starring:  Lizzy Caplan,  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Santo Lombardo, Catherine Barroll,  Eric Johnson, D. Neil Mark
 60 mins    1/21/2003  12.  Insurgence
Lex hires some thugs to bug Lionel's office but things get out of control when Lionel and Martha are taken hostage, and Clark must rescue them without revealing his secrets.
Director:  James Marshall  Writer:  Jeph Loeb  / Kenneth Biller 
Guest starring:  Kevin Gage, Patrick Cassidy,  Byron Mann, Dagmar Midcap, Paul McGillion, Karen Holness,  Colin Cunningham, Eileen Pedde, Jill Teed
 60 mins    1/28/2003  13.  Suspect
Lionel is shot in the manor, and Jonathan is the prime suspect.
Director:  Kenneth Biller  Writer:  Mark Verheiden  / Philip Levens 
Guest starring:  Jason Connery, Patrick Cassidy, Mitchell Kosterman,  Eric Keenleyside, Barclay Hope
 60 mins    2/4/2003  14.  Rush
Students are engaging in wild, sometimes suicidal stunts, and Chloe and Pete are the next ones to become "infected."..and they use a piece of red meteor rock to get Clark to join them.
Director:  Rick Rosenthal  Writer:  Darren Swimmer  / Todd Slavkin 
Guest starring:  Luciana Carro, Haig Sutherland,  Shaun Sipos, Jason Jenkins,  Rob LaBelle
 60 mins    2/11/2003  15.  Prodigal
Lex recovers his long-lost brother Lucas and uses him in a ploy to buy out his father's share of the company. But it soon becomes clear that Lucas isn't to be trusted, and Lex soon finds himself ousted from his own company.
Director:  Greg Beeman  Writer:  Kelly Souders  / Brian Peterson 
Guest starring:  Paul Wesley, Colin Foo, Randy Lee, Zen Shane Lim
 60 mins    2/18/2003  16.  Fever
Martha catches a lungful of kryptonite-irradiated spores and a weakened Clark is her only hope for survival.
Director:  Bill Gereghty  Writer:  Matthew Okumura 
Guest starring:  Michael David Simms,  Emmanuelle VaugierCraig Veroni, Todd Talbot, Steadman, Sean Millington
 60 mins    2/25/2003  17.  Rosetta
Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Swann, a brilliant scientist who holds a message for Clark from his home planet. Meanwhile Lana decides to move out of Chloe's house after they get into an argument about Clark.
Director:  James Marshall  Writer:  Alfred Gough  / Miles Millar 
Guest starring:  Joe MacLeod, Barclay Hope,  Rob LaBelle
 60 mins    4/15/2003  18.  Visitor
After a schoolmate claims to be an alien and proves it by using heat vision, Clark investigates and believes the boy is from Krypton. Meanwhile, Helen confronts Lex over the locked room in the mansion that holds his investigation of Clark's secrets.
Director:  Rick Rosenthal  Writer:  Philip Levens 
Guest starring:  Jeremy Lelliott,  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Chad Faust, Jake Moyer, Kris Pope, Kwesi Ameyaw
 60 mins    4/22/2003  19.  Precipice
After Lana is almost assaulted by a college student, Clark injures the boy while helping her. When the Kents are sued for damages that could cost them the farm, Clark tries to find a way out of the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Helen's obsessive ex-boyfriend comes to Smallville to win her back but when she turns him down, he stabs her, prompting Lex to take the law into his own hands.
Director:  Thomas J. Wright  Writer:  Clint Carpenter 
Guest starring:  Michael Soltis, Camille Mitchell,  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Chris Harrison, Anson Mount, Julian Christopher, Peter Kent, Michael Adamthwaite, P. J. Prinsloo
 60 mins    4/29/2003  20.  Witness
Clark runs up against super-strong robbers who are apparently tied to LexCorp. And Chloe begins to ally with Lionel, while Lana and Henry Small bond.
Director:  Rick Wallace  Writer:  Mark Verheiden 
Guest starring:  Zachery Ty Bryan, Patrick Cassidy, Camille Mitchell, Eileen Pedde, Woody Jeffreys
 60 mins    5/6/2003  21.  Accelerate
Lana is haunted by the ghost of a dead friend, Emily, but the "spirit" has connections to Lionel Luthor, who is also scheming to get control of the Indian caves and "help" Lex with his wedding.
Director:  James Marshall  Writer:  Darren Swimmer  / Todd Slavkin 
Guest starring:  Jade Unterman, Camille Mitchell, Neil Flynn, Jodelle Micah Ferland, Ingrid Torrance
 60 mins    5/13/2003  22.  Calling (1)
Dr. Walden comes out of a coma with super-powers and a desire to kill Clark, piquing the Luthors' interest. The spaceship starts talking to Clark, and Helen and Lex prepare for their wedding.
Director:  Terrence O'Hara  Writer:  Kenneth Biller 
Guest starring:  Rob LaBelleEmmanuelle Vaugier, James Tsai, Sandra Ferens, David Lewis
 60 mins    5/20/2003  23.  Exodus (2)
A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Lex and Helen prepare for their marriage, and Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate Clark.
Director:  Greg Beeman  Writer:  Alfred Gough  / Miles Millar 
Guest starring:  Dan Payne, Arnie Walters,  Emmanuelle Vaugier, Rekha Sharma, Ivana Paduch
Edition Details
Edition The Complete Second Season
Series Smallville
Distributor Warner Home Video
Release Date 5/18/2004
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3, Letterboxed)
Widescreen (1.78:1)
Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)
Subtitles English; French; Spanish; English (Closed Captioned)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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