Snow White And The Huntsman
Roth Films (2012)
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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IMDB   6.1
127 mins USA / English
Kristen Stewart Snow White
Chris Hemsworth The Huntsman
Charlize Theron Ravenna
Sam Claflin William
Sam Spruell Finn
Ian McShane Beith
Bob Hoskins Muir
Ray Winstone Gort
Nick Frost Nion
Eddie Marsan Duir
Toby Jones Coll
Johnny Harris Quert
Brian Gleeson Gus
Vincent Regan Duke Hammond
Noah Huntley King Magnus
Rupert Sanders
Producer Sam Mercer
Joe Roth
Writer John Lee Hancock
Hossein Amini
Cinematography Greig Fraser
Musician James Newton Howard

After the Evil Queen marries the King, she performs a violent coup in which the King is murdered and his daughter, Snow White, is taken captive. Almost a decade later, a grown Snow White is still in the clutches of the Queen. In order to obtain immortality, The Evil Queen needs the heart of Snow White. After Snow escapes the castle, the Queen sends the Huntsman to find her in the Dark Forest.
    Seen it: Yes    6/1/2012  1.  Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Version)
    Seen it: Yes    6/1/2012  2.  Snow White and the Huntsman (Theatrical Version)
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