Acorn Media (2001)
Science Fiction
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IMDB   7.4
180 mins USA / English
Brian Downey Stanley H. Tweedle
Michael McManus Kai
Xenia Seeberg Xev Bellringer
Jeffrey Hirschfield 790
Nigel Bennett Prince
Patricia Zentilli Bunny Priest
Rolf Kanies Reginald J. Priest
Tom Gallant The Lexx
Louise Wischermann Lyekka
Walter Borden Dr. Ernst Longbore
John Dunsworth Berf
Christoph Schrewe
Producer Chris Roland
Writer Paul Donovan
Lex Gigeroff
Cinematography Les Krizsan
Musician Marty Simon

I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilization. The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the divine order in the league of the 20,000 planets. Someday that will happen, but not today. Because today is my day of death. The day our story begins. A cowardly security guard, an undead assassin, a female with a body designed for sex and a robot head madly in love with her all make up the crew of the spaceship Lexx, the most powerful weapon in the two universes.
 60 mins    7/13/2001  1.  Little Blue Planet
In the near future, an alien spaceship is discovered orbiting the moon. At the urging of his top advisor, Prince, the president of the USA makes contact in secret with the aliens' leader: A strange man who introduces himself as "Stanley H. Tweedle". Unfortunately, the contact does not go well, but Prince is prepared, suggesting they send an insane killer up to the ship in a space shuttle...
Director:  Paul Donovan  Writer:  Paul Donovan 
Guest starring:  Ryan Cooley,  Rolf Kanies, Chas Lawther
 60 mins    7/20/2001  2.  Texx Lexx
Kai and Xev are separated when their moth crashes on Earth. The loveslave ts picked up by a lovestruck Texan who proposes to her, while Kai gets mixed up with a group of UFOlogists while searching for her. Stanley gets a visit from Prince.
Director:  Chris Bould  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Ryan Cooley, Chris Owens, Stephen Morgan, James Reeve, Angela Vermier, Jim Fowler, Bill Jessome,  John Dunsworth, Tara Doyle, Bob Deardon
 60 mins    7/27/2001  3.  P4X
Xev is forced to adapt to life in prison, and Prince decides it's time for Stan to give him the key to the Lexx. Meanwhile, a new threat arrives from space - an army of carrot-like mechanical drones that start to devour anybody they come across.
Director:  Chris Bould  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Ryan Cooley, Beth Mahaney, Lydia Klenck, Geoffrey Herod, Travis Ferris, James Symmington, Andrea Dymond,  John Dunsworth, Tara Doyle, Craig Charles, Lauren Abrahams, Hattie Hayridge
 60 mins    8/3/2001  4.  Stan Down
After being encouraged to stand up to Prince by the First Lady, the President makes a deal with Stan, and frees him from the ATF compound so he can kill Prince with the Lexx. However, it doesn't take long for Prince to figure out what they're up to...
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Tony Anholt, Jay Benedict, Karen Beverly, Lee J. Campbell, Stephen Coats,  Ellen Dubin, Chris Duffy, Janet Wright, Jamie Sparks, Bruce Murphy, Rhonda McLean, Alec Linstead,  Rolf Kanies, Maggie Holland
 60 mins    8/10/2001  5.  Xevivor
Prince and 790 lure Stan and Xev back to Earth using the reality show Xevivor, where 10 males compete for a night with Xev, as bait.
Director:  Christoph Schrewe  Writer:  Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Jeff Pustil, Ross O'Hennessey, Justin Pierre, Georgia Zaris, Nunzio Lombardo, Richard Hards, Tara Doyle, James Crossley, Rejean Cournoyer, Michael Best
 60 mins    8/17/2001  6.  The Rock
Discovering that they're flying right over Newfoundland, Stan decides it's time to pay his subjects a little visit. Unfourtunatly, none of the inhabitants seem particularly impressed by his presiential decree, and instead focus on his remarkable resemblance to the most hated man in town...
Director:  Stephen Reynolds  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Rolf Kanies, Lois Brown, Brian Buckle, Mike Daly, Philllip Dinn, Martha Irving, Frank Kelly, Bette MacDonald, Ed MacDonald, Douglas Mayr, Sam White, Sherry White, Mark A. Owen, Maisie Rillie, Heather Rankin
 60 mins    8/24/2001  7.  Walpurgis Night
Going to Transylvania to check up on Kai's lead, they are all invited to dine at Lord Dracul's table for the Walpurgis Night feast.
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Tom De Ville 
Guest starring:  John Standing, Minna Aaltonen, Arthur Spray, Keith Lee Castle, Lionel Jeffries, Peter Guinness, Angie Hill, Andrea Green, Jari-Matti Helppi, Rachel Mooney
 60 mins    9/7/2001  8.  Vlad
They're back on the Lexx, but Stanley is under the witches' spell, who want Kai's protoblod for their master.
Director:  Christoph Schrewe  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Peter Guinness, Minna Aaltonen, Angie Hill, Anna Cameron, Andrea Green, Rachel Mooney
 60 mins    9/14/2001  9.  Fluff Daddy
Stanly discovers that a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Lyekka is working in the porn industry, and decides to seek her out at the latest shoot. Xev starts acting strangely and having blackouts.
Director:  Chris Bould  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Louise Wischermann, Lex Gigeroff, John Gleeson, Tom Haney,  Jeffrey Hirschfield, Gareth Miller, Robert Maillet, David Verrey, Dan Steeves, Gordon White, Jason Hemsworth, Jenson Vaughan
 60 mins    9/28/2001  10.  Magic Baby
Trying to get back on the Lexx, Stan, Xev and Kai run across two druids who recognize them as holy figures. Promising to accompany the druids to a religious ceremony, Stan and the others are transported to the space shuttle. They steal it and find their way back to the Lexx thanks to 790, however unbeknownst to them, Vlad is waiting for them aboard...
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Minna Aaltonen, David Albiston, Stephen Coats, Danielle Dawe, Alun Lewis, Geoff McBride, Jeremy Peters, Jenson Vaughan
 60 mins    1/25/2002  11.  A Midsummer's Nightmare
Kai and Stanley seek out the "Feast of Mograth", hoping to resurrect Xev. There they meet Oberon, king of the faeries, who grants their request... But in return demands their eternal servitude unless they can escape his forest before sunrise.
Director:  Carl Harvey  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Jon Spira 
Guest starring:  Patrick Gordon, Big Mick, Tim Frances, Richard Braine, David Cristoffel, Nick Ewans, Frankey Martyn, Cindy Sampson
 60 mins    2/1/2002  12.  Bad Carrot
As the alien carrot probes start to infest more and more of the planet, Prince sees his best option to escape up to the Lexx. Unfortunately, one of the killer vegetables follows him up there...
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Dave Matheson, Clive Merrison, Ken Shipley, Joshua Young
 60 mins    2/8/2002  13.  769
In order to get a lead on the whereabouts of the key, Prince goes along with a rather twisted plan cooked up by 790.
Director:  Colin Bucksey  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Bob Backen, Jamie Bradley, Stan Crew, Geoff McBride
 60 mins    2/15/2002  14.  Prime Ridge
Without the key the Lexx can't do anything, so Stan and Xev decide to settle on Earth. They pick the quiet country town of "Prime Ridge", but soon manage to stir up trouble.
Director:  Christoph Schrewe  Writer:  Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Stephen McHattie, Britt Ekland,  Rupert Evans, Dan Fredenburgh, Marem Hernandez,  Ryan McCluskey, Marguerite McNeil, Laura Patch, Matt Zimmerman, Don Chisholm, John Diamond, Kevin P. LeBlanc, Jesse Lund, Jason Sweeney
 60 mins    2/22/2002  15.  Mort
Wanted for murder, and the whole area swarming with police and FBI, Stan, Xev and Kai seek refuge in "Mort's Funeral Parlor". Mort takes an unusual interest in Kai's protoblood, hoping it can bring back to life his one true love.
Director:  Christoph Schrewe  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Nick Cawdron, Kathryn Fraser, Celia Henebury,  Gary Levert, Rory MacGregor, Geoffrey McLean, John Dartt, William Parsons, Alvena Poole, Stephanie Redding, Nicole Redding
 60 mins    3/1/2002  16.  Moss
While the president finds himself haunted by Prince in the form of a TV set, Stan, Xev and Kai are abducted by Field Commander Moss, leader of the American Freedom Rangers, a para-military group devoted to freeing the American people from the grip of the Beast - Izenbar Prince.
Director:  Stephen Manuel  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Stephen McHattie, Kevin Deagle, Dan Fredenburgh, Marem Hernandez, Paul Jessen, Mike Pellerin, Shawn Duggan, Cleveland Sauer
 60 mins    3/8/2002  17.  Dutch Treat
As the Lexx's hunger becomes critical, it starts to slowly digest itself. Hoping for an alternative way off the Earth, Xev contacts Doctor Longbore, getting permission to join him on the space ship. This does however leave the Lexx wide open for Prince, who orders the President and Bunny to take a shuttle up there and take control of the ship using the key...
Director:  Carl Harvey  Writer:  Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Tara Doyle, Richard Hanson
 60 mins    3/15/2002  18.  The Game
About to be destroyed, Prince requests Kai complete their game of chess, but with this time with real stakes. Should the undead assassin win, he'll get his life-essence back. Should he loose, Stan and Xev's lives are forfeit.
Director:  Paul Donovan  Writer:  Paul Donovan 
Guest starring:  Nigel BennettRolf Kanies, Patricia Zentilli, Minna Aaltonen, Anna Cameron,  John Dunsworth
 60 mins    3/22/2002  19.  Haley's Comet
The Lexx crew encounter a space capsule filled with a bunch of politically motivated twenty-year-olds (Haley, Amber, Ryan, Josh). They claim that they have gone up in space with the intention of transmitting a message to make a political statement about the dying earth, and globalization. With financing from Haley's trust fund, they were able to pay the Russians to help them get up in space.
Director:  Stephen Manuel  Writer:  Paul Donovan 
Guest starring:  Jonny Lomas, Rebecca Mordan, Finlay Robertson, Polly Green
 60 mins    3/29/2002  20.  ApocaLexx Now
An asteroid mothership appears out of the blackness of space. A metal hatch opens and a tadpole-like creature shoots out and heads for the Lexx. Stan awakens from a nightmare in which he was eaten by Lyekka and discovers that the alien mothership is hovering outside of the Lexx. Before he can finish telling Xev and Kai what he has discovered, an alien who has assumed the physical appearance of Lyekka from Stan's dream appears on the Lexx.
Director:  Paul Donovan  Writer:  Paul Donovan  / Lex Gigeroff 
Guest starring:  Michael J. Reynolds, Dennis Evoldson, Landy Cannon,  Ellen Dubin, Glenn Grant
 60 mins    4/5/2002  21.  Viva Lexx Vegas
Kai, Xev and Stan stop off in Las Vegas as they wait for a space shuttle that Priest is arranging for them. Without a moth, the shuttle is their only means of returning to the Lexx. They check in at the King Tut, an Egyptian-themed hotel that is run by a group of mobsters. In the hotel room, Stan sees an ad for Slave Girls from the 18th Dynasty on the television and decides to order "room service" for himself. Xev discovers a female wrestling cage match is taking place on the premises and decides to enter, not realizing that it is fixed so that the casino can extort money.
Director:  Chris Bould  Writer:  Lex Gigeroff  / Jon Spira 
Guest starring:  Glenn Wadman, Heidi Von Palleske, Jeremiah Sparks, Kelsa Kinsly,  Sean Cullen, Brian Carter, Jack Carr, Louis Del Grande,  Gary Levert, Andrulla Blanchette, Mike Durling, John LeBar, Dominic Pallotta, Tricia Taylor
 60 mins    4/12/2002  22.  Trip
As the Lexx flies away from Earth toward a new planet, the crew discovers a strange organic bulb on the galley counter. The bulb opens and reveals two round berries and a small potted plant. A holographic image of Lyekka's face appears and informs the crew that this is her thank-you gift for their helping her on Earth. Lyekka tells Kai the potted plant - a Yowraa-Taang - will open and bloom if he sings to it. Stan and Xev have been given the berries, which Lyekka says are the rarest and most exquisite delicacy in the two universes.
Director:  Stephen Manuel  Writer:  Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Minna Aaltonen, Lex Gigeroff, Louise Wischermann
 60 mins    4/19/2002  23.  Lyekka vs. Japan
A huge alien asteroid mothership plummets to Earth and crashes into the Pacific ocean, causing a great disturbance off the coast of Japan. Inside, Lyekka prepares to devour "Japaneseland". Kai and Xev take a moth down to Earth to retrieve Vlad's cryopod control unit, which will replace the broken one on the Lexx. Fearing that Lyekka will consume the entire universe if she is not stopped, Xev and Kai decide they must take action to stop her.
Director:  Paul Donovan  /  Christoph Schrewe  Writer:  Jeffrey Hirschfield 
Guest starring:  Mason Phillips, Tony Anholt,  John DunsworthTogo Igawa, Graham Pountney
 60 mins    4/26/2002  24.  Yo Way Yo
Prince visits the Lexx warning of "Earth's date with destiny". Emotions abound as Kai begins to feel again and the Lexx's health is ailing. As the alien mother ship has reached Earth.
Director:  Paul Donovan  Writer:  Paul Donovan 
Guest starring:  Tony Anholt, Sam Douglas, Doug Barren, Nancy Marshall
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No. of Disks/Tapes 1